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Have you ever looked back and wished that as a younger person you had known something that you know now?

Or is there something that you hope your future self will remember or be doing?

Fancy an exercise in time travel?

Now is your chance to write a letter to yourself, either your future self or your former self. Regardless of the age you are now, you can pick a moment in time when you wish your future or former self to know something. Write them a letter and we will publish it in an Ebook, with an option to print on demand if required.

You can publish your letter either under your own name, initials or a pseudonym. Add some biographical details, even some photos if you wish.

If a letter is not your thing, but there is a short story burning inside of you, then now is the chance to get it in print. We will accept short stories up to 3000 words in length, ideally related to the theme of life or life experiences.

To ensure as many purchasers of this book as possible we are inviting some guest authors to also submit - published authors, footballers, TV personalities, politicians, bishops or maybe even royalty.

We already have a published author contributing a piece and have contributions are starting to come in.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, or know somebody who could be interested please contact us using the form that you can find here or by email with the same information. We are looking for contributions not only for content, but also from people who have experience of publishing, editing, illustrating or getting a book to market.

HD - Page last modified 18 April 2016