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Thank you for your interest in giving to St Ursula's Church.

We are very grateful to our church members who regularly give money to the Church; without it we would not be able to serve God in Bern.

For 2016 we need to increase pledges and donations as well as the amount of money on the collection plate by a whopping 18% over what we received in 2015. This is just to stem our losses. However in 2015 we had a drop in such income of 6.5% over 2014, so therefore we really need a special campaign to increase such income and to maintain that increase for a sustainable future.

Did you know that St Ursula's gives 10% of its income to support various charities around the world? More info is available under Charities in the menu. Currently due to the dropping income we are giving significantly more than 10%, but unless we raise more money we will have to cut back to 10% which means that a lot of Charities will suffer.

On this website you will find more information about pledging at St Ursula's including a link to our current budget. We will be revamping the pledge page and having a specific campaign to encourage more income via pledging. You do not have to wait though, to increase your pledging. You can do it today.

HD - Page last modified 18 April 2016