B O O K   S A L E S / D O N A T I O N S

Our very popular food and book sales take place four times a year. These fundraising events have become a longstanding tradition at St. Ursula’s.

Every month we receive dozens of books for our sales. While we are very grateful for your donations, about half the books we are given have to be thrown away because they are in bad condition, outdated or oversized. This can result in costs for the Church.

Therefore, if you would like to donate books please note:

What we CAN accept

What we CAN’T accept

Please note also that we do not run a collection service. We therefore recommend you phone the church office before bringing along your donations.

Next book sale

The next book sale will be on Saturday 4 June from 1000 to 1400 at our summer fête, and then on 3 September.

If you have any questions about our book sales please contact the church office.


This page was last modified on 19 March 2016