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Liturgical Texts

Common Worship
Follow the link for texts and scroll to the bottom for New Patterns of Worship.
Common Worship Lectionary
Exciting Holiness (1st Ed)

Today's Morning Prayer
Today's Evening Prayer


Oremus Hymnal
St Mary's, Baldock
Missa Helvetica


Notes to help prepare a Service of the Word (TC+LP, 2005)
Notes for Coordinators (LP, 2005)
Some Principles relating to 'All Age' Worship (CPAS 1992)
Tasks and Teams for All-Age Worship (1999)
Notes on Common Worship (RP - 2001)
Check-List for the Planning of All Age Services (HKP - 2002)

Specimen Services

Regular Eucharist 2011 (for Ordinary Time)
Informal Eucharist 2011 (for Ordinary Time)
First Communion Service: Lent V 2005
Service of the Word: Lent I 2005
Christmas Day 2004
Service of the Word: Trinity I 2004
Service of the Word: Trinity XII 2005 (Bern Kids God's Kids)
Service of the Word: Trinity XIV 2004
Service of the Word: Harvest 2003
Christmas Day 2002
Christingle Service 2001


Here is a link to minutes of old meetings.

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