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General The Church of England's main site. The Anglican communion news service - up to date information about current events Website of the Archbishop of Canterbury Find out more about how the Christian faith can improve your life. Church of England lectionaries for 2020. Bishop Robert's blog Bishop David's blog Church Times (five free articles a month) Church of England Newspaper Christian humour - tasteful or tasteless?

Praise and Worship The Morning Service from BBC Radio 4 Prayer, worship, teaching from St Stephen's Walbrook, London The Church of England's Prayer for the Day Liturgy and Prayer resources for the COVID-19 outbreak

Spiritual Living Thoughts on the weekly lectionary readings, from a European perspective. Setting God's People Free, the Church of England's "programme of change to enable the whole people of God to live out the Good News of Jesus confidently in all of life, Sunday to Saturday."


The 5 Marks of Mission.pdf The Five Marks of Mission: TELL - TEACH - TEND - TRANSFORM - TREASURE
95 Missional Theses.pdf Ninety-Five Missional Theses

Sustainable Living Church of England environment pages A Rocha Switzerland

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