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St Ursula's Pancake Day Quiz 2015

Select the answer to the question by clicking in the circle in front of the best choice.

  1. In ancient Rome on 17 February each year, people

    a) indulged in feasting and licentiousness at the feast of Saturnalia
    b) celebrated the feast of Quirinalia, a sort of baking festival
    c) threw pancakes at each other
    d) had their hair washed in preparation for spring.

  2. The earliest date when Shrove Tuesday can fall is

    a) 31 January
    b) 4 February
    c) 8 February
    d) 12 February

  3. The last time it fell on this date was in

    a) 2005 and the next time will be in 2027
    b) 2000 and the next time will be in 2134
    c) 1996 and the next time will be in 2052
    d) 1818 and the next time will be in 2285

  4. Shrove Tuesday always comes

    a) two days before Maundy Thursday.
    b) when the moon is waning
    c) during February
    d) six weeks after the Feast of the Epiphany

  5. In Spanish, pancakes are called

    a) creppos
    b) panqueques
    c) pasteles de sartén
    d) pannicocos

  6. The English word “Lent” means

    a) springtime
    b) beans, peas and lentils
    c) moving slowly
    d) resting against a post or wall

  7. In the Far East, green onion pancakes are very popular. The Chinese

    a) make them with rice instead of wheat flour
    b) colour them with green food colouring
    c) only eat them in March and April
    d) say that Marco Polo introduced them to Italy, where they were called pizza.

  8. The grand finale of the Rio de Janeiro carnival takes place in

    a) Copacabana
    b) the cathedral of St Sebastian
    c) Maracanã football stadium
    d) the purpose-built Sambódromo Marquês de Sapucaí

  9. Pancakes usually contain

    a) butter
    b) bitter ale
    c) pizza dough
    d) cows' milk

  10. Raggmunk is

    a) a Scottish haggis pancake
    b) the English name for a type of Indian curry pancake
    c) an Eskimo pudding made with eggs, milk and flour
    d) a Swedish potato pancake

  11. Which is the odd one out?

    a) Yorkshire pudding
    b) drop scones
    c) Scotch pancakes
    d) girdle cakes

  12. The pancake race in Olney, Buckinghamshire

    a) was instituted by the hymn writer John Newton in 1748
    b) is open to boys under the age of 16
    c) takes place in competition with a team of women in Liberal, Kansas
    d) is not run using real pancakes, but plastic replicas

Match the following pancakes to the country by writing the number of the country in the box after each pancake name:
pikelet 1 Sweden
tiganites 2 Poland
äggakaka 3 Ancient Rome
alle belle 4 Jamaica
naleśnik 5 Denmark
spekdik 6 Netherlands
hotteok 7 New Zealand
placenta 8 India
johnnycake 9 Greece
æbleskiver 0 Korea